Safety audit and analysis

Threats identification

Each threat is identified, listed and leads to a security proposal. They are categorized into 3 parts:
1.immediate treatment
2.mid-term treatment
3.long term treatment

Safety audit & quality control

We carry out safety audits in public and private establishments, all sectors combined. Our experienced teams work alongside you to identify potential dangers and offer you solutions tailored to your needs and budgets. Our security experts carry out quality checks on your security procedures and providers.

Risk classification

Thanks to security tests, we can identify the real threats to your specific site and offer you effective responses. The classification of identified risks allows you to adapt your security policy accordingly and to justify your investments.

Incognito safety test

Like all devices, safety must also be tested in order to be effective. We therefore offer you safety tests in conditions close to reality which includes:

1. Analysis and definition of scenarios

2. Tests in operational conditions

3. Return and safety recommendations

Detailed audit report Periodic assessment

A renewable and regular audit offer with enable you to have up-to-date reports leading to security actions:

- analysis of the economic, social and criminal environment;

- full visit of the establishment and night visit;

- aerial mapping with peripheral risks;

- analysis of digital and physical exposure;

- quality of service audit of your subcontractors;

- feasibility of collecting information on site;

- documentary and infrastructure study;

- study of security procedures and installations;

- study of interior and exterior perimeter accesses;

- interviews with staff, security actors ...

360 ° safety diagnosis

If you want to update your security strategy and take into account all the vulnerabilities (endogenous, exogenous, digital, etc.) of your organization, then this 360 ° security diagnostic is for you!

Based on a systemic analysis of your security, all interactions leading to the establishment of warning signals will be evaluated in a detailed written report.


Each risk is identified, listed and leads to a proposal for securing
We base our audit expertise on the RTA methodology for the identification and classification of potential risks.

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