Security consulting and strategy

Optimal security cannot be designed to the detriment of the primary needs of organizations but must judiciously guarantee their operations.

Recommendation of optimal security measures

Our experts will recommend the measures classified by implementation priority that correspond to your needs and your budget. We work with several technology companies to bring you the best solutions on the market. The action plan includes:

▪ primary prevention (deterrent measures);
▪ secondary prevention (reaction measures);
▪ tertiary prevention (follow-up measures).

Security consulting

After the audit and identification of vulnerabilities, we support you on projects to optimize your security and safety. By favoring a global approach based on expertise in the fields of physical security, technology and training, we provide you with appropriate and long term answers.

We advice and share our technical expertise to assist our customers in matters of safety and budget assessments.

Security support adapted to your organization

We support you in a personalized way throughout your project from the definition of your needs to the success of your project. Our security experts develop:

- security plans with containment zones;

- establishment security plans (ESP);

- special safety plans (SSP);

- scenarios of sources of danger and targets;

- Assistance to Project Ownership (APO);

- thresholds of vulnerability and vigilance;

- intervention files for Security Forces;

- Business Continuity Plan (BCP);

- Crisis Managemnt Plan (CMP);

- procedures in the event of an attack;

- crisis management exercises;

- alert procedures ...

Project management

Thanks to our experience in the fields of safety, technologies and large-scale projects, CARINEL is able to support its customers throughout the entire life cycle of a project either directly or in collaboration with its partners. of confidence. Planning, monitoring, risk management and organization are an integral part of our project management methods at your.

For SMB we can put in place an Outsourced Security Management Leader.

Definition of a security, safety, implementation and evaluation policy on your site

To define your security policy, we apply different levels of studies which will serve as a matrix to recommend a series of graduated measures according to the weighted risk in order to optimize the safety of people and infrastructures. The combination of qualitative studies and observations allows us to support you in the modeling and implementation of a complete safety system which notably integrates strategic intelligence, procedures, physical protection, video protection, training plans. .. and above all the continuous evaluation via field experiences!

We work with you to define organizational and technical measures to make your employees aware of the safety culture:

- master plan for general safety;

- strategic plan for the reduction of violence;

- strategic plan for the reduction of burglaries;

- strategic plan to prevent the terrorist threat;

- strategic plan to prevent deviant attitudes;

- procedures for integrating control resources;

- psychological monitoring units (post-traumatic) ...

Global support towards a "culture of safety"

We intervene in the implementation of processes, strategies and a global security / safety policy related to your environment with an empirical and practical approaches. The objective is to integrate strategic people in order to clarify the procedures to be put in place to prevent the risks identified, to improve coordination, to respond to incidents, to obtain new knowledge through research and to improve safety awareness through individual and collective accountability.

We work jointly with you to continuously evaluate and improve your understanding of security problems.

Our approach is based on Organization Resilience Triangle (ORT), ie, Safety and Security, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plan and Security Circle Model.


The SCM allows us to model and implement a complete security system


  Active security  

Organizational & Human

Passive safety

Mechanical & Technical

Architecture & Environment 


Organization Resiliance Traingle (ORT)

The ORT allows us to model a communicating system made up of three connecting forces, namely security, crisis management and the Business Continuity Plan (BCP)


Crisis management

Business Continuity Plan


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